Professional Paint Correction

At 631 Coatings, we want to make sure that you’re proud of how your car looks, and we offer a variety of services to restore and repair the paint job on your car.

Pre-Treatment and Quality Inspection

631 Coatings can perform an extensive evaluation of your vehicle to help you determine how much correction is required to restore the paintwork on your vehicle to perfection. The evaluation assesses the standard of your vehicle’s current paintwork, and our technicians will devise a plan of recommended services which will help you keep your car in good condition for years to come.

  • All vehicle evaluations are completed at our detailing facility, and are conducted by trained technicians who specialize in vehicle detailing.
  • Digital paintwork levels are measured across the entire vehicle in microns, and this data is evaluated by our professionals to determine the appropriate paintwork correction process.
  • After extensively examining the data, a technician will provide a comprehensive report that outlines the recommended paintwork procedures.

Paint Correction and Restoration

Using the data provided by the inspection report, the technicians at 631 Coatings will begin the process of repairing the paintwork on your vehicle. Our repair and restoration process doesn’t just fix imperfections in the paintwork on your car — it can also restore dull or faded paintwork to its original brilliance, and its re-leveled surfaces will look as good as new. This process costs $100 per hour.

  • The process begins with removing the minimum amount of paint currently on the vehicle — usually about one or two microns — while achieving the maximum improved results possible. Removing this paint layer can erase imperfections such as scratches, swirl marks, buffer marks, micro-marring, cobwebbing, and hologram effects.
  • Because we’re able to digitally measure paint thickness using high-precision digital paint depth gauges, we can re-level paint surfaces by as little as one micron — which means that minor scratches and imperfections are quickly, gently, and completely removed.
  • When serious paint imperfections are present and cannot be fixed with our polishing process, our trained technicians will use a comprehensive color wet sanding process to eliminate the color defects.
  • After the specialized wet sanding has removed severe imperfections in the paintwork, our technicians continue the restoration process with traditional polishing and protection techniques.

Vehicle Paint Integrity Certification and Digital Documentation Program

This program, provided exclusively by 631 Coatings, gives you a complete digital report of the paintwork process done on your vehicle, and costs $200 per vehicle. Your digital record includes four components:

  1. A document of all detailing and paint correction services performed.
  2. An identification of any previous damage and/or previous repairs.
  3. A complete digital photo album of your vehicle’s paintwork.
  4. A digital protection of your vehicle’s value, and opportunities for resale.


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